By uniquely combining these naturally energetic and visually stunning materials, we have enhanced their significance and function, for you to enjoy. That is what we thrive on.

Welcome to our little ring shop.... Here's a short story of how we got started with Rings in particular...
With little in our pockets and 3 small children, we decided one day to get hitched. We had a piece of Purple Heart Wood being used for a book shelf... "why not use it for something special we thought", RINGS of course. (They were a bit primitive). So our wedding went smooth and the hand carved rings were a hit! (very romantic) perfect for the occasion...
Fifteen years later we find our selves still creating, "rings" full time and constantly learning. Designing items that are meaningful, even symbolic to others with its user in mind, the machining, and precision joinery, it has all given us a greater sense of purpose to what we do. Whether it be a Ring for your wedding, Jewelry for yourself, wife, husband, partner or someone you care about.
This business allows us the freedom of creative expression and to choose or own pace and tranquil reflective environment. Living on a piece of raw land "off the grid", we use solar and wood to supply our heat, hot water and electricity to both home and shop. We're in the process of building (while living in it) a tiny hobbit style home out of shipping containers.
First thing each morning we look enthusiastically at new orders and celebrate !!! (which includes cheering & smiles.) We look at what's ordered, by who, what part of the world do they live in, the occasion, are there any personal preferences. We then start handpicking the finest raw materials…..

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